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trying to put on a brave face. Nikki then makes a comment about the laptop. Title plate, lisa compliments Stephan on the beautiful house as he leads her into a dining room to study, soon joined by his step-sister, Nikki (. 'Let me get that for you, miss he says. Nikki excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Lisa takes this chance to pull her chair closer to Stephan. Stephan remarks that he knows how to please a woman. They don't understand that school is literally all she has! Lisa's flustered by the compliments, obviously having a crush on Stephan, saying that the 'bad boys' seem to always need a little bit of extra help.

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You have to be a virgin, though, aren't you, Lisa? Lisa is shocked and a bit grossed out now, not only because of the graphic nature of the sex described but also how comfortable the siblings are around each other. Stephan says he'd like to study biology first since that's his favorite subject. She continues reading, though her voice catches as the hand starts moving towards her pussy. Nikki smirks, though Lisa doesn't even notice her, anyway, since her attention is on Stephan. It's not the reliable test of a woman's virginity that it used. Lisa swallows and shakes her head while blushing, saying that nothing is wrong and that, sure, they can start with biology - she can pull up her notes from the semester. He even mimes this by poking one finger back and forth in the air while doing the classic vulgar cunnilignus gesture with his other hand. She starts listing off the parts that make up the system: the labia majora, labia minora, Bartholin's glands, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, clitorus, vagina.

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Lisa tries to play it cool and says, no, of course not. He butters her up a little, marveling over how she makes even periods sexy, which is really saying something! Nikki gasps and turns to Stephan. The school probably took pity on her and her parents and decided to show a little goodwill. Lisa is shocked as she bursts between them. He hoped she could study with them, and asks if that would be a problem? Lisa is really confused and uncomfortable as she starts to rise to gather her laptop, saying that she has. 'But there are some other ones, too, like the feet or even armpits.'. Lisa is about to sit by Stephan when Nikki promptly takes the seat, smiling sweetly at her. 'What's going on?' Lisa demands. 'We're step-brother and step-sister. Sure, he knows what to do cuckold foto sex club flensburg with a wet pussy, but what else can he do to make a woman scream? Lisa is relieved for the distraction but embarrassed still, mentioning that, yeah, it's secondhand since her parents spent everything on the tuition this semester. Nikki crawls out from under the table and sits in the chair again as both she and Stephan crowd Lisa, who is hugging herself nervously. Peer Pressure, innocent virgin schoolgirl double-teamed BY twisted step-siblings. 'I thought we had a special moment going on here? As he talks, he moves his arm down and out of sight.

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